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*****Important Update*****

We had a meeting last night to discuss the Meltdown….here is the bad news.

The Meltdown started from an idea and wishing to re-create the past, a time many of us missed out on. Cars looking correct is only part of it. The MDA is a group of like minded individuals, they respect the past, respect the people attending, respect the track, respect the effort that was put into each car by its owner, even if you didn’t build your car, you still had to get it to the track! The biggest thing the MDA looks at is character, we always try to help guys who didn’t meet criteria in the past. We have never booted someone or told them to figure it out. At the end of the day some dis-respectful people make doing this not fun! So THANK YOU to the 98% of spectators and participants who understand what the event is about, what it takes to put it on, and how hard it can be to work on it all year long tirelessly and to have a handful of people take it away from all of us!
SOOOOOO…..our solution is simple. We not only want to bring back the 60’s feel, and we think we have, we ask that you bring back the 50s and 60s respect that used to exist out there. It exists with most of you reading this.
But to those individuals who choose to act childish, dis-respectful, or like a total DOUCHE, 2014 will have been your last year to attend. This is vacation for many, fun for all, and should be a true life experience. To the ones who acted in an un-professional manner please do not attend … is NOT THE EVENT for you!
You have heard people speak to it, and now you are hearing it from us! If you feel the need to complain PLEASE volunteer to help for a day, this may change your entire outlook of the world. Or ask yourself, what does it take to put this on and organize this. Think about it! As guys who NEVER organized a huge event like this, let us tell you straight up…it is bigger and more time consuming than you can imagine!
That being said the rules were put in place NOT to be a game, not to test the inspectors. They were put in place to get like minded racers together to race with cars like their own! If you feel the need to ‘test’ the rules or do it your way…..DO NOT attend! This goes for delay boxes, stutter boxes, wheels or hood scoops….the biggest things that we have issues with. IF you cannot RESPECT the RULES….you are telling the MDA and the fans “ I do not respect you and the event” Please DO NOT ATTEND!
If you need a delay box or stutter box to race GO SOMEWHERE else……we are looking for driver SKILL…not computer accuracy. And god does it sound like crap!
We feel that 95% of racers understand this, but the 5% that do not stick out to everyone! They want to run 1/10th faster or cut a .001 better reaction time. We have said it before and will say it again…..THE MELTDOWN is NOT about who is fastest, it is NOT about who wins or loses! It IS about reliving the past, paying tribute to our fallen family members, fellow hot rodders, friends who may have taught us the hobby, educating people who are unaware, and having a good time!
The MDA is strong! We are committed to the event! We are committed to you! But even we need to take a step back from time to time and ask ourselves is this worth all the effort. AS of now…..YES IT IS! There will be a 2015 MD and many more…..we do need your help we ask you to educate your friends, have them read the criteria section there are UPDATES coming on the meltdown website, explain to them what this is all about. AND if you can tell up front, their personality is NOT what will fit in here…..encourage them not to attend! We are looking for the best of the best, and the guys and gals who “Get it”! We would prefer to have 400 period cars and friendly racers than 500 that do not get it!
The MDA apologies up front for the few that not only take away the fun from you, but also from ourselves! We also apologize for any non-criteria things you saw, we already have a 2015 plan in place to ensure things are back on track. 2015 may be the year we ask people to go home who push the rules or play games!

THANK YOU the Hot Rodders, Racers, Pin Ups, Spectators, Fans, and new comers we appreciate your SUPPORT, & respect, and all you do to help us make this what it is for all of our enjoyment!
Koop & Paul
Entire Meltdown Drags Assoc.

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Thank You

This was the best weekend ever.  Thank You to all that came out to play.  We have had so many positive kind words said about our family of racers and the track and staff.  We can’t wait to do it again!

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