We are a group of like minded guys and gals that simply want to recreate a specific time in drag racing history.  We choose 1966 and older for cars and that is the era we want to focus on.  A time when gassers were king!

Here is a brief narrative on how this all came to be……

Meltdown Drags Origins

About 2005, several friends AJ, Steve, Eric and Tom had an in depth discussion about creating a club or event that would bring back the lost cars of the 60’s.  If you were around 10 years ago, there was not a lot of restored gassers out there, the writer can recall taking his gold 55 to Goodguy’s and seeing but a handful in the show, and many people looked at his cross eyed, but many people loved it.  The biggest obstacle at this time was that their wasn’t enough cars around to do an event like we wanted.  We didn’t know where we would hold it or what exactly we would call it…..but the seeds of this event were definitely planted and growing.  Each year the meetings were re-visited and popularity for the 60’s grew. We discussed many things and then a few years went by and a specific moment in time at a local track set things into motion. By this point and time we had met a kid who introduced us to Byron Dragway owner BJ, and the Meltdown name fell into place with the nuclear cooling tower smoking in the distance…it seemed only natural, with a group of long term high school buddies and a few new friends met along the way the Meltdown was sure to be a success!  Now these guys you see wearing the white shirts, have to earn the white shirt, in order to be part of the MDA group.  It is a lot about character, being able to count on the guy next to you!  Some friends have come and gone, helping with the event is tough. That’s ok, it takes a lot of dedication and the ability to work well with others, and deliver on what you say you will deliver to your friends, to be part of this. We have the best group to date right now, about 12 guys deeply involved with the event. It takes a lot of dedication to work on this non-stop all year long…and let me tell you it is all year long.The logistics are maddening, and magnitude of things is staggering…BUT we do it all… the right way because that is just the way this group of guys is.  Most of them have known each other for 20-30 years and these life long friendships have only gotten stronger putting the event on.  
The MDA is non-profit, I will say putting this event on is a BEAST to say the least it starts the Monday when many of you are on your way home.  We are not joking having 3-15 phone conversations every week for a year to make sure this thing turns out as perfect as we can make it takes REAL dedication.  Let’s just say I would not want to be doing this with anyone in the co-pilot seat but him!  I can say the same for the rest of the crew, when you have the right people involved things go smoothly and things get done!  Hats off to my long time buddies, their parents who help and all they do for YOU!  At the end of the day this event if for YOU the guy reading this.  The giveaway dragster Captain Smokey Moe worked so hard on, the giveaway items the Goodie Bags and everything else if for YOU! Our entire life has been spent going to car events some good some bad, many all about the $$$.  We as a group never cared for this approach and do everything in our power to keep prices affordable, get vendors in with giveaway items for YOU, and provide some top quality cars for racing.  We recently took on a great group of guys (Border Bandits) that are a mirror image of my old buddies but a few years younger.  They fit in instantly and their help has been crucial to the success of the event.  Hats of to BJ track owner he truly allows us to provide the right cars and criteria to make this a success.  BJ is an outstanding guy and we are so happy that he lets us play at his AWESOME, CLEAN, track!