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HOLY AMAZING MAGAZINE COVERAGE….Thank you Gasser Wars Magazine for 19 (yes, I said 19) pages of Meltdown Drags Coverage. If you don’t subscribe to this magazine, it is time to call Phil & Dee and pay the $40 for a year subscription. This issue alone is worth the money.

Go to – private for subscription info.

Thank you Phil & Dee for your support of the Meltdown!

Is it too early to start a countdown to the 2016 Meltdown Drags?



Here are a few links to pictures and news articles from various places.

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Royboy part 2

Royboy part 3

Royboy parts 4

Royboy part 5



It is time to let the cat out of the bag….

Isky & Bones are coming back…Ohio George is coming…..AND

For the first time ever we will be NIGHT RACING on Saturday night… racing all 3 days!

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Thanks to Zombie at TRK for the great article and kind words.  If you have not seen this issue it is a great read.  Now go buy it!


 This is the most magazine coverage we have ever had on the event! Thank you Phil & Dee!

Issue 92 of Gasser Wars Magazine featuring 13 pages of 2014 Meltdown Drags coverage is still available from  Go subscribe now!!!!!!!!!!

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Gasser Wars Magazine has 13 pages of coverage including the cover!  Great Job Phil & Dee!!!




The new Hot Rod Deluxe issue is out!  6 pages of coverage!!!  You better go buy it NOW!!!!!!




Here is some links to some real nice coverage in national and international magazines:

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Hot Rod Deluxe


Here is a link to the amazing pictures take by Judd’s Custom Photos