Pie Eating

Another first from the Meltdown Drags Association, the creators and owners of the Meltdown Drags:pie

What is Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest you ask?  Well it is the first event of its kind that is a vintage drag race focused around Pie Crust slicks.  All cars participating must run Pie Crust slicks to compete.  All cars must be 1966 or older and have the appearance of a era correct car.  No burnouts, no dry hops, just roll up to the light and press the go pedal!  Tire technology was not very good in the early 60’s.

Car count will be limited to 200 and cars will need to run 10.00 or slower.

Email me at unclesamspieeatingcontest@gmail.com for more information or to register for the June 2nd race at Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois