Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest

Another first from Vintage Drag Racing 101, the creators and owners of the Meltdown Drags:Uncle Sam

What is Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest you ask?  Well it is the first event of its kind that is a vintage drag race focused around Pie Crust slicks.  All cars participating must run Pie Crust slicks to compete.  All cars must be 1966 or older and have the appearance of a era correct car.  No burnouts, no dry hops, just roll up to the light and press the go pedal!  Tire technology was not very good in the early 60’s.
See below for details on the rules.

Car count will be limited to 200 and cars will need to run 10.00 or slower. ((NHRA license and chassis certification required 9.99 and faster)

Email me at unclesamspieeatingcontest@gmail.com for more information or to register for the June 2nd race at Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois


Are you into Vintage Drag Racing?  Do you long for things “the way they used to be”? Do you want to drag race your pre-1966 vehicle but want to have fun on a budget?  If so then the “Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest” by the Meltdown Drags Association is for you!  And we want YOU!

The Meltdown Drags Association (MDA) has become famous for putting on the largest vintage drag race in the world every summer in Byron, IL.  Each summer, hundreds of vintage drag vehicles and thousands of fans flock to Byron to participate in the Meltdown.

Now to go back even further in time…

Introducing the “Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest”!  The saying goes “As American as Apple Pie”.  And there’s also nothing more American than vintage drag racing.  So here’s what different:

The Pie Eating Contest is much more reenactment first, and then competition second.  Truly taking us back to 1966 and earlier, things become much simpler.  Rules for the event keep things as “period correct” as possible.  A complete list of rules will follow but here are the major ones, making this a truly unique event.

The rules will follow the 1966 NHRA rule book in spirit.  There are things that are now either impractical or too exclusionary and do not represent what the MDA is about.   Certain exceptions to the rules will be made by the MDA Officers but these will be few and far between.

· At a minimum, all current rules for the Meltdown Drags apply to the USPEC.  Specific stricter rules are below.  As always, NHRA safety rules trump everything.  In addition, any safety changes made to a vehicle will not be grounds for non-selection.  (Disk brakes, dual master etc)  We will not repost the rules for the Meltdown, they are located at www.meltdowndrags.com 

· NO BURN OUTS! NO DRY HOPS or any other means of warming the tires.  Why?  Well, they didn’t do this yet!  It was late in the 60’s when burnouts started and that was mainly due to advancements in tire compounds.  

· Vehicle MUST have an upholstered interior.  NHRA rules at the time did not allow for sheet metal or aluminum panels or “gutting” of the interior.  Items include an upholstered bench front seat or TWO buckets, upholstered door panels, and carpet.  NO interior gutting per 1966 rulebook.  Also, the MDA recognizes that due to mis-interpretation of the actual Rule Book by tracks, there were exceptions to the rules.  HOWEVER, unless your car is an original untouched piece of history we are going to follow the rules as they were written.  If you are building a car for this event, please follow the rules as they were written.  We are going with MAJORITY not Minority of what these cars looked like back then.  There are exceptions to everything, we get it.

· Your vehicle MUST run Pie Crust style slicks. Absolutely no slick tire other than pie crust style will be allowed.  Front tires must appear correct for the period.  Which means no white letter BF Goodies, for instance.  






· – ALL racers must have Pie Crust slicks, Hurts, Towel City, M/T, Firestone, etc

· – For Small Block Equipped door cars – Maximum 8″ tire width.

· – For Big Block Equipped door Cars – Maximum 9″ tire width.

· – For Supercharged doorcars – Maximum 9″ tire width.

· -For DRAGSTER/ALTERED – Maximum 10″ tire width


· Wheelie bars cannot stick out past your rear bumper more than 6 inches.  

· Car MUST be painted with a consistent theme/color.  Very limited amount of primered cars may not be allowed in. No mismatched fenders, visible rust etc.  Old paint ok, new paint ok, no rusty piles of junk or thrown together heaps using all sorts of colored body panels, period examples can be found we are not about one offs.  

· 10.00 or slower for ALL vehicles.  This includes all cars, dragsters/altered and motorcycles.  This is a track requirement.  NHRA has certain regulations that must be followed depending on what times are being run.  If you run 9.99 you will be told by the track to put your vehicle back on the trailer and eliminated from racing for the event.

Event Format:

Unlike the Meltdown Drags or the Fallout, this event will be a competition.  Don’t get too excited, the winners might only get a handshake.

· Vehicles will be put into these groups.

o Dragsters/Altereds

o Gas

o A/FX

o Stock

o Superstock

o Motorcycles-please see specific rules pertaining to these

· Time Trials

o Morning runs will be made (3) to establish what final class you will run in.  Cars will be grouped by ET.  Sandbaggers will be tarred/feathered, tomato’d/egg’d and disqualified. If you are caught cheating, you will be dis-qualified and ejected, not allowed to run at ANY MDA events in the future.   What we expect is for you to give it everything you’ve got when the light goes green.  This is where everyone needs to pause for a minute and understand perspective.  While you are here to run in the event, what really keeps drag racing going are the fans.  Spectators do not want to see two 12.5 cars line up only to have one get into the 11’s.  This is no fun for anyone and very poor sportsmanship.  It won’t be tolerated.  Enough on that.

· Competition

o Vehicles will be classed very closely based on ET and number of vehicles.  Example: If we have 10 cars running around 12.2 and 10 around 12.5 that would be two classes.  If we have 10 between 12 and 12.5 that would be one class.  Again, these are just examples.  Final class determination and number of vehicles per class will be finalized after morning runs.

o Class run offs will take place in the afternoon.  Win your race, get back in line.  Run till you win or lose!

o If you lose your race, you can head over into the fun run lanes or watch the rest of the run offs.  Fun runs will be used to fill gaps in the competition racing.  This is a fun tribute event and we are all together to put on a good show for the fans!

· Snapshot of RULES for Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest


· – All cars are 1966 and earlier unless a body style change, 67 nova, fairlane, falcon,  

             chevelle, etc are allowed.

· – Period correct appearance of the car is required, wheels & paint interior

·    (meltdown rules apply for car appearance)

· – All door cars MUST have 2 seats minimum, carpeted floor, and upholstered

·    interior.  No aluminium door panels or gutted interiors per 1966 NHRA rulebook.

· – NO burn outs or heating of the tires.

· – ALL racers must have Pie Crust slicks, example – Hurst, Towel City, M/T, Firestone, etc

· – For Small Block Equipped door cars – Maximum 8″ tire width.

· – For Big Block Equipped door Cars – Maximum 9″ tire width.

· – For Supercharged door cars – Maximum 9″ tire width.

· – For Supercharged Dragster/Altered – 10″ max tire width

· – NO 70’s style slapper bars – only ladder or traction master style traction bars.

· – NO 4 link suspensions on door cars.  Period Ladder bars and coil over’s ok.

· – NO Monster Tach’s

· – NO modern racing decals or stickers ANYWHERE on the car.

· – NO visible MSD boxes or other modern crap….that doesn’t belong.

· -NO billet or modern valve covers. Even if hood is closed.

· -NO cowl induction, snorkel or bubble modern hood scoops.

· -We realize this event is for the purist, and not for everyone….sorry!


      REMEMBER, big cubic inches and lots of power do not win the race, and this event is geared to step back to a time when things were more fun, simpler and the guy with the most $ do not determine the winner of a race!  Keep it cheap, simple and fun, clean period correct cars are the key to the event!
















Traction bars: