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Miss Meltdown Drags Pinup prize packages for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for the ladies to see. (all participants will get a 15% & 20 % off certificate to the below listed sponsors just for participating)
1st Place is $250 and a $50 certificate to Bear Flag Republic on eBay,
20% off certificate to Green Dragon Lady Vintage on eBay & Etsy, and the pink purse and items with it!
2nd Place is $150 and a 15% off certificate to Bear Flag Republic and 20% off certificate to Green Dragon Lady Vintage, and the purse with ivory bow and items with it.
3rd place is $100 and a 15% off certificate to Bear Flag Republic and 20% off certificate to Green Dragon Lady Vintage, and the purse with black bow and items with it. NOW be aware, there are others donating to the Miss Meltdown Pinup contest and these items will be added to these packages…We have a few spots left so any ladies interested can still register.

Pinup #3 Pinup #2 Pinup #1

Miss Meltdown Drags 2015-Jenna Sue

Pretty women and fast cars have long been paired together.

The “pinup” seen at modern custom car shows and vintage drag meets follows in the tradition of race track trophy girls. Photographs from the 1920s to the present day often show race winners proudly posing with two “trophies”—the inanimate one in their hands and the very glamorous one on their arm.

Reflective of the eras in which they’ve lived, trophy girls and pinups exemplify the fashion and glamour of their times—the length of a skirt and style of hair can say a lot!

Many pinups in the twenty-first century combine old and new—blending the fashion, hair, and makeup from several decades past (the 1940s-19

60s most often) with tattoos and piercings. Dressing in this way is by choice and offers personal and creative expression.

The Meltdown Drags Pinup Contest—often including contestants who race or work on drag cars—exemplifies the modern pinup by drawing on a rich past while forging new traditions.


Meltdown Drags PinUp Contest


  1. Must enter via email. Send a recent photo and some thoughts about why you would make a great Miss Meltdown Drags to:

  1. An email confirming your entry and containing important information will be sent within 3-5 days. If you do not receive an email in reply, please try to contact again after 5 days. You are not entered without a confirmation email.
  1. All contestants must be at least 18 years old.


  1. Family friendly attire is a must. This is a family-oriented event and contest. Plan your outfit accordingly (and have fun doing it!)

2. Each contestant is asked a few questions on stage. Winners (first, second, third place) are chosen by a panel of judges.

  1. Prizes will be given to first, second, and third place winners.
  1. All contestants will sign a basic model release form when they register the day of the event.



  1. Winners will need to be immediately available for photos after the contest itself. There may be other photo opportunities available throughout the weekend.
  1. Later in the year and before the next Meltdown, winners may be asked to participate in Meltdown Drags events. This is only if the winners live near or are interested in traveling to various things that happen throughout the year.

3. The winner will be a part of Meltdown Drags coverage in Gears & Gals Magazine, Traditional Rod and Kulture and Gasser Wars Magazine.

The Miss Meltdown Drags contest will be held Saturday night at 7pm.

Here are some pictures from previous Miss Meltdown Drags contests.

2015 contestants2013 contestantsMiss Meltdown Drags 2014-Cassandra Miss Meltdown Drags 2013-Mandy